Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Help Prevent Disease!

Have you ever gone almost a full day and not washed your hands. After reading about only some of the germs that live on your hands you will be washing your hands every hour lol.

 MRSA - Multi-resistant Staphylococcus aureus: It is an organism that is resistant to antibiotics that are used to kill bacteria. You may not be infected with MRSA but you may be a carrier. The best defence against MRSA is hand washing, also don't touch your hands to your nose.

VRE - Vancomycon-resistant Entercoccus: Enterococcus is a bacteria that is in the bowels and genital tract of healthy individuals; it doesn't cause disease in healthy people. VRE is the same bacteria, but is a strain that has developed resistance to antibiotics including Vancomycin. It's a concern because Vancomycin is presently the last antibiotic available to treat some serious infections. You can stop the spread by washing your hands.

Pneumococcal Disease include ear infections, lung infection (pneumonia), meningitis, and infections of the blood. The bacteria is spread through air or direct oral contact ex. kissing, sharing drinks, cigarettes or through articles freshly soiled with respiratory discharge ex. children sharing toys. There is two types of vaccines available in Canada to prevent pneumoccal disease. Prevnar is one of them.

Prevention: How to prevent bringing home these germs. You can help by washing hands:
  • On arrival at work
  • Before and after meal breaks
  • Before and after bathroom breaks - Always remember Before
  • After handling soiled articles or equipment
  • Before going home

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