Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Organized closet

1 - Only keep clothes/accessories you actually wear or use. If you have been hanging on to jeans that you wore ten years ago because you want to fit into them again, let them go. By the time you do, they will be out of style anyway. Not a bad thing to have a goal, but don't hang on to stuff hoping to wear it again. When you don't like how something feels when you wear it or it's just not comfortable, donate it!

2 - Colour code your clothes. One of the nicest things you can do is have your clothes lined up by colour. It's easier to see what colours will go wear. Within that colour coding, you could hang by sleeve length if you really want to go the extra mile. But, colour coding is quick and easy.

3 - Have all the same colour/type hangers. This might seem like a pain in the neck, but it's really not that expensive to do {if you do all plastic or buy in bulk} and will make your closet instantly look organized.

4 - Have a dresser or drawers for your folding clothes. Even if you don't have a closet system, sometimes just putting clothes in a drawer makes it look so much nicer and neater than sitting on the shelf half folded.

Source: Love of Family and Home

5 - Only put appropriate items in your grown-up closet. If you have a closet half full of clothes and half of it with cleaning products, that makes no sense. If possible, keep only the appropriate items in a closet - shirts, pants, purses, belts, shoes, and the like.

6 - Keep a hamper in there. If you have the room, keeping a hamper in the closet to easily throw your clothes into when you are done dressing and undressing keeps things neat and tidy.

Source: Young House Love

7 - Have hooks. You can use hooks to hang belts, scarves, or even to have your outfit ready for the next morning.

Source: Decorology

8 - Consider using pretty boxes and baskets. Having a set of boxes to put your purses into can keep it neat and tidy, plus they can add texture and prettiness.

9 - Put things away as you take them off. It seems obvious, but if it's not dirty, hang it back up. If it's dirty, put it in the hamper. Shoes go back to their original spot, belts on hooks, and purses back on the shelf.

10 - Labels.

11 - Folding. Find a good way to fold your clothes so they fit appropriately in the drawers or on the shelf. Sometimes you will have to come up with something different to fit it in. Try folding in quarters or thirds to fit it in the right way and neatly. Put the folding edge facing you, if it's on a shelf, and standing up, if it's in the drawer.


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